Deborah Hanson Greene

painter and writer

Selected Essays

"The highway stretched open in the pre-twilight August haze as I pushed the little blue Honda past 85, anxious to leave behind the City and its calling cards – recent memories conjured up by familiar street corners, parks, cafes, movie houses, and bars. Heading south along the lush..." read on | download pdf

"My grandmother Grace, known to close friends and family as 'Gracie,' was a gentle steady presence in my childhood. She lived with our family more or less until she died around my 12th birthday, and was a surrogate mother and role model. A handsome, soft-spoken woman..." read on | download pdf

"I balanced the chipped, stoneware plate of blueberry pancakes on my knees, sinking awkwardly into the worn metallic-yellow couch in the corner, obscured by potted tropicals and flocks of earnest customers swaddled in coats and scarves and hats, honing in on the barrista and hot..." read on | download pdf

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